Brave carries a hygiene coating system line that will structurally and chemically prevent the build-up or trapping of the dirt and biological residue on which microorganisms feed and grow. This system contains active anti-microbial agents that remain in the solids of the coating for its entire lifespan and kill microorganisms that can contaminate the substrate or environment, preventing the growth of disease causing organisms and reducing the overall nosocomial rate of infections. No matter how effective a surface is against microbes, it is susceptible to residues that form and support microbial growth. Our seamless, waterproof anti-microbial membranes enable easy and effective cleaning that prevents build-up of such films without the need for bleaching.


The highlights:

  • Kills on contact and prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus (including molds)

  • Proven against a wide range of microorganisms

  • 99.9% effective against antibiotic-resistant strains, such as MRSA and E. coli 0157

  • Hard-wearing and extreme durability under high humidity and stringent cleaning regimes, including rigorous sterilizing procedures

  • Typical life spans between 10 and 15 years

  • Anti-microbial properties remain active throughout design-life of coating system

  • Seamless system, meaning free of joints, seams and other areas that harbor dirt and microorganisms regardless of the shape or complexity of substrate

  • Highly elastomeric coating tolerates thermal movement without cracking or flaking

  • Impact and chemical resistant

  • Fire retardant and no fire risk during application or curing

  • Withstands extreme temperatures

  • Waterproof

  • Vapor permeable and allows substrate moisture to escape without blistering

  • UV stable

  • Partial to full substrate reinforcement is possible

  • Quick and easy to apply, and fast curing with return to normal operations within 24-48 hours

  • Environmentally-friendly, anti-microbial system is non-leaching, non-toxic (will not release biocides or other toxic chemicals that might contaminate nearby surfaces)

  • No phenols, mercurials or heavy metal complexes

  • Water-based, free of strong odors and volatile organic compounds (VOC's)

  • Long-term, extended life cycle savings - just re-coat to restore lifespan with no over-coating window

  • Suitable for walls, ceilings and floors

  • Can be applied on various substrates including but not limited to brick, cement, glass, metal, wood, plastic, tile, insulation materials, mastics and painted surfaces

  • State-of-the-art Silver Ion Technology with mounting evidence of powerful antiviral effects

  • Anti-microbial action breaks cell walls, disrupts microbial respiration and stops microbial replication

  • Easy to clean

  • Multifunctional cleaning and disinfecting agent used with coating is ideal for infection control (proven effective against many species of bacteria and viruses) and replaces bleach cleaning

  • Various standard colors and finishes (matte to gloss, patterned) and special color orders allow for greater design possibilities

  • Comprehensive guarantees up to 10 years


This anti-microbial hygiene coating system outlasts and outperforms traditional hygiene materials, including conventional fungicidal paints, ceramic tiles and wall-cladding systems:


Conventional Fungicidal Paints

Contain biocides which are in excess on the surface of the dried paint. While this will temporarily kill microorganisms, the biocides will leach potentially toxic chemicals into the environment, and washing cycles dilute the effective portion of the paint so that they are efficient for only two to three years. These paints also tend to lose adhesion and are therefore only used on dry static substrates.


Ceramic Tiles

Very durable, easy to clean and impermeable, but the grout is the weak link as it supports microbial growth. Additionally, the tiles can only be used on ideal (flat) substrates.


Wall-Cladding Systems

Inert, but expensive and require specialist installation. They do not provide a seamless finish, and unlike hygiene coatings, they usually have no inherent surface protection.



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