Rapid Road Repair


Would you like to have an environmentally-friendly solution to destructive potholes and road damage? Would you like to have traffic back in action within minutes? Would you like to use a road repair material that offers minimal risk and minimal labor demand? If all of the above are true, then Brave Industrial Solutions' answer to your rapid road and runway repair needs will literally have you on the road again within an hour of completing a repair. 


Fastfill, our top-selling rapid roadway repair solution, is a rapid-setting, structural repair mortar designed for use in locations that cannot be taken out of service for long periods of time, such as a busy thoroughfare, airport runway, bridge, deck or footpath. It is a single-component, polymer modified, fibre-reinforced, Portland cement based concrete repair compound, making it physically and chemically compatible with the host concrete. Its unique hydraulic and enhanced polymeric properties and unparalleled strength development make it easy to use and allows it to set rapidly in cold weather. Fastfill can be used as supplied up to 100mm deep, or can be bulked out with sharp sand or aggregate to a flowing consistency for floor or deck repairs up to maximum depth of 300 mm.


As such, state departments of transportation, engineering firms, local governments, theme parks, private businesses, air-traffic locations and the like are all beginning to take advantage of this technology. The simplicity and safe use of this rapid repair mortar in the transportation industry makes it one of Brave Industrial Solutions top-selling products. From the unique condition of roadways and bridges in the state of Maine down to Key West, Florida, government agencies are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by implementing the use of our rapid road repair products. Other locations include Alaska, Texas, Utah, Idaho, Tennessee and New York City. 


The staff at BIS will walk you through the easy application process and specifically answer any  questions pertaining to using the products on various substrates. If you are in charge of bridge and road repair and are looking for an environmentally- and labor-friendly solution to road, bridge, curb, sidewalk and bike trail repair, then Brave Industrial Supply and Flexcrete Limited have a solution for you. 



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