Repair Mortars


Through Flexcrete LTD., Brave offers a wide range of engineering quality, waterproof concrete repair mortars for both structural and cosmetic repairs. A variety of industries — from utilities to transportation to agriculture — take advantage of the lightweight and easy-to-use properties of these repair mortars, many of which can be used to make both horizontal, vertical and even overhead repairs. No primers are necessary, and packs can be split and simply mixed with water. 


Top sellers include:


  • Fastfill

    • Top-selling rapid roadway repair solution

    • A single-component, polymer modified, fibre-reinforced, Portland cement based concrete repair compound, designed for use in locations that cannot be taken out of service for long periods of time, such as a busy thoroughfare, airport runway, bridge, deck or footpath

    • physically and chemically compatible with the host concrete

    • Unique hydraulic and enhanced polymeric properties and unparalleled strength development make it easy to use and allows it to set rapidly in cold weather

    • Can be used as supplied up to 100mm deep, or can be bulked out with sharp sand or aggregate to a flowing consistency for floor or deck repairs up to maximum depth of 300mm.


  • Monolite

    • A single-component, lightweight, rapid-hardening, high-build, shrinkage-compensated, polymer-modified cementitious mortar 

    • Repair, rendering and profiling of concrete, brick or stone substrates 

    • Uses advanced cement chemistry with microsilica, fibre and styrene acrylic copolymer technology

    • Easily built up with a trowel — 100 mm for the repair of voids and the rendering and re-profiling of vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces

    • High-build property also allows it to be used for the creation of specialty rock formations or art installations where the mortar must be molded and shaped to be effective


  • Monomix 

    • A single-component, rapid-hardening, low-density, high-strength, shrinkage-compensated, waterproof mortar for the structural repair

    • Uses advanced cement chemistry with microsilica, fibre and styrene acrylic copolymer technology

    • Easily built up with a trowel for structural repair of voids and the rendering and re-profiling of both vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces


  • Marine Mortar S 

    • A fibre-reinforced, polymer-modified, rapid-curing, high-strength cementitious mortar with excellent cohesion for use in areas subject to early immersion and aggressive marine and tidal environments 

    • A two component system ready for on-site mixing and use and requires no additional water or aggregate 

    • Can be applied in thicknesses up to 50 mm for structural repair and profiling of vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces


Brave also carries lower-coat, waterproof fairing coats and renders for smaller, less extensive concrete repair and protection solutions. The range includes Monolevel 844SP, an engineering-quality fairing coat which reinstates concrete cover and provides a smooth-faced, waterproof and anti-carbonation finish; Monolevel FC, a fairing coat that can be feather edged; Monolevel 250F, a fine-grade fairing coat for existing painted surfaces and concrete prior to overcoating; and Monolevel RM, a fibre-reinforced render for brick or concrete. 

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